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Adult Faith Formation - Life Long Catechesis

The Diocesan Office for Christian Formation promotes and oversees adult faith formation in parishes of the Diocese of St. Augustine. The primacy of adult faith formation in the life of the Church is inseparable from the concept of lifelong formation or womb-to-tomb formation.

The Church Makes Statements about Adult Faith Formation:

Adult catechesis concerns persons who have a right and a duty to bring to maturity the seed of faith shown in them by God...The faith of adults, therefore, must be continually enlightened, developed and protected, so that it may acquire that Christian wisdom which gives sense, unity, and hope to the many experiences of personal, social and spiritual life." (General Directory for Catechesis, #173, 1998)

" faith formation is 'essential to who we are, what we can do as church' and must be 'situated not at the periphery of the Church's educational at its center." (Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, #'s 37, 42. Statement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1999)

"The catechesis of the principal form of catechesis, because it is addressed to persons who have the greatest responsibilities and the capacity to live the Christian message in its fully developed form. (Catechesi Tradendae --- On Catechesis in Our Time-Pope John Paul II, 1979)

The Scriptural Model for Adult Faith Formation can be found in:

Luke 24:13-15The Road to Emmaus:

Human Experience:Two people on the road to Emmaus tell their faith story

Message:Jesus helps them understand the events

Discovery:Eating the bread helped them understand the meaning of their experience

Response:Their hearts were on fire, they spread the message to others

The Major Goals of Adult Faith Formation

  1. Invite and enable ongoing conversion to Jesus in holiness of life.

  2. Promote and support active membership in the Christian community.

  3. Call and prepare adults to act as disciples in the world.

  4. Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us


Adult Faith Formation Tends to the Six Dimensions of Adult Faith Formation:

  1. Knowledge of the Faith

  2. Liturgical Life

  3. Moral Formation

  4. Prayer

  5. Communal Life

  6. Missionary Spirit


Adult Faith Formation Programs sponsored through the office:

Ministry Formation Program - Three year Lay Ecclesial Ministry Program

The Diocese of St. Augustine sponsors a lay ecclesial ministry program for parish and diocesan agency leaders. This three year program is accredited by the USCCB/CCA . The program combines academic study with servant leadership skills and practical knowledge. See the Ministry Formation pages of this website for more information.

Summer School of Theology - Annual Summer Program of Study

Annually held in June, this Adult Faith Formation Program is a weeklong immersion into a particular doctrinal topic. The week is meant for busy adults who are not able to commit, for whatever reason, to a longer program, but still desire to continue forming themselves in the faith.

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